Sunday, 27 January 2013

About me (I)

My name is Lim Yu Xuan, you can call me Crane. My hobby is watching dramas and this is also my favourite pastimes. I enjoy playing badminton and dancing. I enjoy talking to people so much that i might stop my work and talk non stop so i hope you guys can understand me and not find me annoying. I can be rather slow in my work and also in understanding my work. I may also sometimes ask too much questions that people usually find me annoying or get piss off with me as they do not know the answer to my questions. I love to help people and is often a busybody who wants to know everything.

I am born in the year of the rabbit that explains the picture above and I also think that my personality is like a rabbit. I can be scary when I am angry just like how people look at the rabbit's red eyes and finds it scary. I also can be friendly like the cute look of the rabbit.

I look forward to being in this new school and to study with my new teachers and friends.