Friday, 21 June 2013

A video clip that caught my attention

Could We Record Our Dreams?

Short summary
This video clip talks about how our brain works when we are dreaming and using this how scientist found out a way to record our dreams. Scientist created a technique using the functional MRI Scanner. The subjects were shown pictures made up of pixels and the softwares finds a pattern in the brain activity through the MRI. And after a enough data different pictures were shown to the subjects and the result from the pattern of the brain came out to be quite the same but very blurry. Scientist even woke subjects up while they are sleeping in the MRI and find the pattern. They did this 200 times to different and they were able to match some of the stuff to the dreamers description. There is also a study where scientist show the subject a long footage and monitor the brain activity after that. By looking at the results of these study, it shows that there is a possibility that in future we would be able to find more clues and maybe eventually find out why we dream.
What I have learnt
  1. I have learnt that more about the some of the similarity and difference of brain and radio waves and also learnt more of what are they.
  2. I learnt that by using the MRI scanner to find out the brain wave and brain activity, we can also find out what the person saw or what the brain is doing or even know what the brain is thinking but in a very blurry manner.
  3. I also learnt more about how the human brain works and that different part of the brain are active for different activities, instead of the whole brain being active all the time.

Places I like to go in Singapore

View Places I like to go in Singapore in a larger map

The map shows the places that I like to go in Singapore. In this post I am going to talk more about some of the places in the map. These places are Wild Wild Wet, Changi International Airport and East Coast Park. I like going to Wild Wild Wet as I like to swim. Besides swimming there I can get wet through the rides too and most of the rides are very exciting. I love going on rides too, this is also why I like going to Changi International Airport.
When I go to Changi International Airport, it also means that I am going to travel to other countries. This also means that I am going to different types of theme with different types of roller coaster and other attractions. I love the feel of excitement on rides, it gives me a proud feeling that I am brave enough to ride them.
Lastly, I like going to East Coast Park as there are many stuff I can do there. My family usually go for family outing there. We go there mainly to cycle, and sometimes, my cousin join in the fun with us too. I like cycling very fast as it is very cooling having the wind blowing past me while I cycle. We would always rent our bicycles and cycle to the coffee shop to have the delicious satay and our lunch before heading back to return the bicycles. After cycling we would play in the sand and in the sea for a while and make random new friends there sometimes before going home. I also like going there because there is where my family hangs out often at and also because my father rarely has time to go out with us even when we go overseas it is always with my mum.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

About me (I)

My name is Lim Yu Xuan, you can call me Crane. My hobby is watching dramas and this is also my favourite pastimes. I enjoy playing badminton and dancing. I enjoy talking to people so much that i might stop my work and talk non stop so i hope you guys can understand me and not find me annoying. I can be rather slow in my work and also in understanding my work. I may also sometimes ask too much questions that people usually find me annoying or get piss off with me as they do not know the answer to my questions. I love to help people and is often a busybody who wants to know everything.

I am born in the year of the rabbit that explains the picture above and I also think that my personality is like a rabbit. I can be scary when I am angry just like how people look at the rabbit's red eyes and finds it scary. I also can be friendly like the cute look of the rabbit.

I look forward to being in this new school and to study with my new teachers and friends.